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Bookworm Theme for e107 (Тема для е107 Bookworm)
Автор batboy
Email автора e107 [at] batboy [dot] net
Сайт автора http://batboy.net/
Описание "Bookworm"
2-Page CSS Web Page Template
(c)2008 Darren Hester, www.designsbydarren.com
Released: 01-29-08

Bookworm includes both a 3-column index page and a 2-column indise page. Both pages have a fixed width of 920 pixels so it requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768. The index page has a main content area that is 490px wide, and two side columns on the right that are 160px wide each. The inside page has a larger content area (660px) and only one side column (160px). The page expands vertically to hold as much content as needed. I've included the original, layered PSD files if you'd like to modify the colors/header. The template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. Essentially this means you may use the templates for any personal or non-profit web design project as long as you give me credit (attribution). I require a link back to designsbydarren.com in the footer. If you would like to use this template for a commercial project, I charge a small fee of $9.95. You may purchase a commercial license via PayPal on designsbydarren.com If you want to make changes but don't have the skill/time to modify the design yourself, I also offer customization services. See my site for details.

Thanks for downloading my design.
I hope you enjoy it!

e107 Theme

©2008 batboy
e107 [at] batboy [dot] net
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