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inanis-glass Theme for e107 (Тема для е107 inanis-glass)
Автор Inanis
Email автора j [at] batboy [dot] net
Сайт автора http://www.inanis.net/blog/
Описание Theme Name:Inanis Glass
Author URI:http://www.inanis.net/blog/


e107 Theme by
.2009 batboy
j [at] batboy [dot] net


This theme uses customized header and footer templates (included in /templates folder).
These two files HAS TO BE COPIED TO YOUR templates folder (usually found in ../e107_themes/templates/ ).
If this is not done, this theme will not work!
There is a few options you can change in useroptions.php (explained in the file), these can be change at any time, just re-upload the file when done. (the photo in the sidebar, and the icon in the header is defined in useroptions.php)
This theme has 4 site links locations:
  • Link Rendertype: 1 - Main
    This is the default sitelinks, will show in the right sidebar.

  • Link Rendertype: 2 - Alt
    Links in this category will be in the taskbar (the bar at the bottom).
    Note that there is a limit on the amount of characters that can be used here, about 10-12.

  • Link Rendertype: 3 - Alt
    Links in this category will be on the right side, inside the startmenu.
    Character limit here is about 20.
    This link location can hold MAX 2 LINKS!

  • Link Rendertype: 4 - Alt
    These links will be on the left side, inside the startmenu.
    Links in this category looks best when split into two rows together with an icon (32x32px)
    Sample of link text (html can be used in "Link Name"): News RSS
    Follow the News RSS...
    This link location can hold MAX 4 LINKS!

(the "quicklaunch" links is defined in useroptions.php)
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Дата Sunday 17 October 2010 - 01:35:00
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