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Mirantis Openstack 4.1 & Contrail - Install steps

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Here are the steps done to bring up the cluster:

1. Install Mirantis Fuel on fuel node from ISO

2. Deploy Mirantis openstack and Mirantis compute node from fuel
Install contrail controllers 1-3 using fabric using the commands:
Download and install the contrail package on contrail-controller-1:
dpkg -i contrail-install-packages_1.06-10~havana_all.deb

3. Setup contrail repo
cd /opt/contrail/contrail_packages; ./setup.sh

4. Copy/Create testbed.py in /opt/contrail/utils/fabfile/testbeds/
NOTE: You need to add service_token from openstack node /etc/keystone/keystone.conf (admin_token value)

5. Install the contrail packages on the other 2 contrail nodes:
cd /opt/contrail/utils/; fab install_pkg_node:/tmp/contrail-install-packages_1.06-10~havana_all.deb,root@,root@

6. Install and setup contrail controllers:
cd /opt/contrail/utils/;  fab install_without_openstack; fab setup_without_openstack

NOTE: Due to a known bug the node you’re running might get rebooted, edit fabfile/tasks/provision.py and comment the line execute(compute_reboot) before executing previous command.

At this point, contrail controllers should be up and running. Check with command:

7. On ALL nodes, allow ssh login:
Modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config to have “Password Authentication yes” and restart ssh server.
Patch mirantis-openstack node: (We need to understand why user nova was not created in the first place)
rabbitmqctl add_user nova qweqweqwe
rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / nova ".*" ".*" ".*"
service neutron-server stop

/etc/nova/nova.conf should have neutron_connection_host=
/etc/nova/nova.conf should neutron_url=
/etc/nova/nova.conf should have neutron_admin_password=WJAEq6ID (from cfgm1's neutron.conf:keystone_authtoken:admin_password)

8. On ALL contrail-controller nodes, add this config and restart neutron-server:
openstack-config --set /etc/neutron/neutron.conf DEFAULT rabbit_host

service neutron-server restart

9. Install contrail-vrouter and dependent packages on mirantis-compute (download from contrail):
dpkg -i contrail-vrouter_1.06-1405160021-3.8.0-31-generic_amd64.deb contrail-vrouter-init_1.06-10_all.deb contrail-libs_1.06-10_amd64.deb \
contrail-nova-vif_1.06-10_all.deb supervisor_3.0a8-1.2_amd64.deb python-support_1.0.14ubuntu2_all.deb 3a0.5.4-7build1_all.deb \
python-thrift_0.9.0-1~cloud1_amd64.deb python-meld3_0.6.5-3.1_amd64.deb python-medusa_1%3a0.5.4-7build1_all.deb

10. mirantis-compute node:
From contrail-controller-1 copy /opt/contrail/contrail_installer and /opt/contrail/utils to the compute node:
scp -r /opt/contrail/contrail_installer root@:/opt/contrail
scp -r /opt/contrail/utils root@:/opt/contrail
scp /usr/bin/openstack-config root@:/usr/bin/openstack-config

10.1. Install additional packages:
apt-get install python-netifaces
apt-get install python-pip
pip install --upgrade --no-deps --index-url='' /opt/contrail/contrail_installer/contrail_setup_utils/Fabric-1.7.0.tar.gz
pip install iniparse

10.2. Modify /etc/nova/nova.conf for these fields:
neutron_connection_host=  ;# address of contrail-controller-1
neutron_url=  ;# same as above
neutron_admin_password=qweqweqwe      ;# from contrail-controller-1 neutron.conf:keystone_authtoken:admin_password

11. Run provisioning of vrouter from contrail-controller-1 node:

Reboot compute node

At this point, one should be able to create VN on horizon dashboard and launch VM.

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