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Файлы обновления ядра с e107 v0.7.xx до e107 v0.7.26
Автор e107 Developers team
Сайт автора http://e107.org
Описание Файлы обновления ядра с e107 v0.7.xx до e107 v0.7.26


Changelog 0.7.26 (6th Apr, 2011 - 14th Sep, 2011)

r12349 - new version: 0.7.26 - auto
r12346 - Bug #5213 - IE9 fix
r12344 - Bug #5245 - URL parsing error
r12342 - Bug #5261 - added CSS classes 'rss' and 'rss-img', additionally URL's made absolute
r12341 - Bug #5268 - obsolete function removal
r12330 - Bug #5257: finetune update polls when not using cookies. Thanks Fanat1k.
r12328 - Bug #5255: only perform online query if the plugin is activated. Thanks Fanat1k.
r12327 - IE8 fix.
r12324 - Some basic Open-Graph support
r12322 - Obsolete template parsing method removed, FPW template improvements
r12321 - Fixed broken closing tag
r12319 - Bug #5235 possible fix
r12317 - Bug #5240 - multiple emote support.
r12316 - Filter and admin warnings.
r12315 - Admin warning cleanup. More filters.
r12314 - Removed deBug info.
r12313 - Bug #5241 Filter fix
r12312 - secure-img was failing validity check.
r12311 - Overwrite
r12308 - secure image handler fix
r12306 - User extended fields administration improvements and cleanup
r12304 - More extended news block control (stylesheet)
r12302 - More filters
r12299 - img-code performance
r12296 - Bug #5236 - Xhtml fixes
r12295 - Deprecated [php] bbcode.
r12294 - Memory optimization
r12293 - minor correction
r12292 - Download splash-page optimization
r12291 - Xhtml compatibility fixed and comments added.
r12290 - Add edit button on page.php for admins. Prevent mailout time-out on some systems.
r12289 - Additional checks and cleanup
r12284 - access denied issue fixed on user administration
r12277 - maintenance flag fix
r12276 - Path fix
r12275 - img-code cleanup
r12274 - More Filter work
r12273 - Filter work
r12272 - Session subdomain-conflict Fix. And token.
r12271 - cleaner code
r12270 - Extended the filters
r12260 - Allow main admin to see sitedown page before taking site offline.
r12249 - Disable login.php when a custom e_LOGIN is used. (customlogin.php for example)
r12248 - Time detection between server/user was always rounding down to the next lowest 15-minutes, now rounds to the nearest quarter.
r12247 - Bug #5227 - display images in email preview
r12246 - Admin > User Class: Display number of users per class and added user list functionality without editing the user class.
r12245 - Additional check
r12243 - Additional check
r12242 - Add control over signatures in forum - thanks rgk
r12241 - Remove unused variable
r12239 - Removed some globals
r12238 - Fix Bug in query
r12237 - Bug #5223 possible fix - list_new not displaying forum posts if username starts with number
r12235 - Bug #5188 - allow brackets in URLs (they're valid characters)
r12233 - Additional checking
r12232 - Bug #5226 - catch invalid page numbers in multi-page content documents
r12229 - Bug #5230 - add profanity filter to list_new
r12227 - Bug #5202 - trap errors if timezone not set (it should be) on PHP >=5.3
r12225 - filters applied to some values
r12224 - Category list - added DOWNLOAD_CAT_MAIN_ID and DOWNLOAD_CAT_SUB_ID to simple parser vars; download meta description is auto-generated now from item/category description (if any); more SEO meta titles site wide
r12223 - Minor tidying up
r12222 - Minor tidying up
r12214 - Refine return codes when editing classes a lot
r12208 - Add default for text field
r12206 - Bug #5215 - quotes required round URL
r12190 - Couldn't edit comments from plugins if ID and plugin table were named differently
r12188 - Clearer message when avatar fails
r12180 - Add extra user info options to mailout - thanks DBSI
r12178 - Final changes from TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM
r12177 - list_new menu - expandit() didn't work in some situations
r12176 - Correct return from class setting
r12174 - Bug #5204 - Hard-coded LANs
r12153 - Remove unopened
r12152 - Bug #5195 - removed trailing comma from TinyMce config. (IE7 issue)
r12145 - Reverted new cpage LAN - switched to generic term.
r12144 - Bug #5196 - send PM to user with apostrophe in display name
r12141 - Bug #5197 - [newpage=xxx] didn't work in content print
r12139 - Bug #5198 - allow for global arrays not present
r12138 - Remove hard-coded LAN - thanks Niki
r12136 - Bug #5191 possible fix - content e_meta.php was corrupting variables
r12135 - Bug #5157 - clearer message when version check fails
r12134 - Bug #5193 - avoid spurious comma when adding first user class
r12133 - Bugfix: TinyMce wasn't showing for non-admins.
r12132 - Bug #5166 - include actual file paths in some download-related messages
r12130 - Bug #5174 - more helpful message, block duplicate emails
r12129 - Bugfix: sub-link class backward compatibility issue. Best use the css class: sublink-level-n when styling sub-links. 'n' being the sublink level.
r12128 - Bugfix: more reliable filtering during Language-pack generation.
r12126 - Bug #5189 possible fix - list_new_menu and list_recent_menu broken
r12123 - Bug: gzip disabling corrected.
r12122 - Bug #5187 - should fix PHP4 compatibility issue.
r12121 - Updated to 0.7.26 svn

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